Rightsize Your Life! in 2020

**2020 3DSpecial Book Pricing**

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Podcast- Junction Australia Growing Strong Episode 3

Recently I was interviewed by Junction Australia’s CEO Maria Palumbo for their Podcast series ‘Growing Strong’.


Together Maria and I demonstrate the benefits of ‘Rightsizing Your Life!’ through discussing clutter management including how to KEEP what you love and sustainably discard your NOT KEEP items. Your community will find value in listening to my tips, strategies and vision for living a more balanced life by owning less.

Happy listening!

Spring 2020

Hello, Hello nearly September already! Pandemics sure do make time fly! I hope everyone is safe and well right now. Life in the world of Keep Not Keep is never dull. During this time of reflection we have been focusing on a different set of ‘6Ps’…Podcasts, Presentations, Projects, Promotions, Professional Development and Parenting!

+ Releasing in mid-September our debut ‘Podcast’ session where I was interviewed by CEO of Junction Australia for their podcast series ‘Growing Strong’

+ Workshop ‘Presentations’ coming up are Monday 7th of September at Walkerville Library 6:30 pm-8:00 pm ‘Rightsize Strategies for Decluttering’, October 15th WEA Adult Learning full-day course times and date just to be confirmed

+ Our 2021 ‘Projects’ are building with grant applications being submitted and work on the Oaklands Green project underway

+ Creating ‘Promotions’ including new content for our social media platforms, new content for new workshop topics and a new price for my book ‘Rightsize Your Life!’ $20 for the rest of 2020

+ ‘Professional’ learning programs including sales leadership,  a moment at Flinders Uni and starting a diploma in counselling will help to give my clients the very best clutter management solutions

+ My amazing children Ivy and Seb have loved having my undivided ‘Parenting’ attention in lockdown and I too enjoyed the family togetherness over this time

So watch this space!!! Any thoughts, questions or praise leave a comment below…share my page with others and look out for the new book pricing, launching on 1st September 2020.

Love, laughter and happiness,


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The 14-Day Rightsize Challenge

Hi everyone! In these crazy times of being isolated at home what better time than now to think about all we own in the space we live! I am going to do The 14-day Rightsize Challenge and you are all welcome to play along…..How it works: Day 1 you let go of 1 thing, day 2 it is two things and day 3 it is three things and so on till we get to day 14 where we will let go of 14 things! No rules…. these items can be anything you would like to part with from your home. They can be good quality items for donation or objects that can be appropriately recycled.  I will post a photo of my items each day. You can play along by posting a photo or listing your daily items in the comment section. **Let’s start tomorrow** and use today to PAUSE, to think about some of the items around your home that have fulfilled their usefulness in your lives! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Share this post to get others involved too! Good luck with your challenge and Happy Rightsizing!! Love Milli xx #StayAtHomeChallenge #StayHomeStay Safe #TogetherAtHome #COVID-19 #InThisTogether

My business To Keep or No To Keep proIMG_0002vides clutter management solutions aimed at people wanting to Rightsize their belonging from homes, at work and for on behalf of loved ones. In my business, I typicality work with individuals, families and organisations to solve the overwhelming issues of excess household belongings. I create individual Rightsizing action plans that save time and reduce stress to balance personal items to the space where they live. With an emphasis on sustainable decluttering. I focus on the ‘What’ to do with the Not Keep items as ethically as possible. I also run workshops relating to my book Rightsize Your Life that cover various topics including where to start, life editing, goal setting and object classification to promote wellbeing. 💗💙💛💚💜#keepnotkeep #RSYL #rightsizeyourlife #sustainabledecluttering #decluttersolutions #keep #sell #donate #recycle #think #tidyingup #balanceyourbelongings #adelaide #book #declutteryourspace #declutteryourlife #livebetterwithless

**2020 Special Book Pricing** Click here to order your copy for $20.00 plus $5.00 for shipping anywhere in Australia http://bit.ly/2020RightsizeYourLife