Keep it Real- The KNK Concept

To Keep or Not To Keep (KNK) is a concept around how we “feel and deal” with our belongings in our current space. KNK uses a systematic approach to curate items for rightsizing to increase quality of life, promote wellbeing and whilst being environmentally conscious.

The clutter we have in our lives does not discriminate. It appears in all demographics, from any class in houses, apartments, offices and rooms! Our society is set to follow of pattern of over-consuming things/products/objects. This buying makes us feel good. These items are then woven into our identity and self-perception. This is where I believe, our emotions and experiences are then transferred to these objects, making it difficult to clear them from our lives. Then if you add a loved ones living or deceased estate the emotive context then is heightened with feelings of guilt and loss.

KNK focuses on positive reinforcement with “keeping” the things that truely reflect ones  identity. We solve pain points by focusing on positive solutions based goals. We use proactive people lead strategies that educate, thus creating behavioural changes around how our belongings interact and impact on the space we live in.

#keepnotkeep #rightsizeyourspace #KNK #cluttersolutions

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