Luxury Objects: An Expensive Item That Provides Great Comfort and Status

A LUXURY item is an object of elegance, lavishness and opulence. These items tend to be associated with money and were expensive to obtain. These items will add value to our lives in a few diverse ways. LUXURY household appliances may add a certain amount of functionality by assisting us in completing tasks quicker and easier, and saving us time. In our modern lives these objects have become almost indispensable for our busy lives. These items may also add value to our lives by raising our status. Owning such objects is a way of illuminating our preferences to others in our community and beyond. When we PICK our LUXURY objects our decision making can be the most difficult. When an object has both a perceived and financial value it can be harder to let go. If we feel we have not received the full value of an object we have paid for, even if we are not using it, we will naturally want to keep it. To Keep or Not To Keep client Katheryn had this to say about her LUXURY objects: ‘The bottom of my pantry was so cluttered with whiz-bang appliances I had bought over the years. Some were worth every cent, some were not. I was cross with ones I had not used. The fairy floss maker was the first of these to go!’

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