Significant Objects: An Item of Great Importance That Is Meaningful

A SIGNIFICANT item is an imperative item that symbolises and/or provides proof of a milestone, event or situation that has occurred in our lives or in the lives of our loved ones. Our own identity- shaping rituals such as weddings, christenings and funerals play a pivotal role in our lives and culture. Objects obtained during these life-altering events such as our wedding rings, presents and certificates all serve to signify that these events occurred. Tokens from our own childhood and from our children’s babyhood contribute to our significant items by creating artefacts that were once value adding but now are relics of a past self. So too are our photographs in and out of albums. They are a visual record of our lives lived and these can stretch back through several generations. Less joyous are the hardcopy paperwork works we need to keep, including legal documents and contracts. These may include house deeds, tax records, rental agreements, certificates and instruction manuals. The digital revolution is assisting us greatly with capturing, recording and storing these items more efficiently. To Keep or Not To Keep client Jack had this to say about his way of managing SIGNIFICANT items: ‘After taking photos of the things I am ready to say goodbye to I create albums and call them my “Memory Files” and store them in the cloud. That way when I access them they can be downloaded straight to my phone or laptop.’

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