Sentimental Objects: An Item That Prompts Feelings From the Past

Our SENTIMENTAL items are the precious treasures we own that instantly evoke feelings of nostalgia. We will have strong emotional attachment and meaning associated with it. These objects tend to be associated with our past identity and can give us feelings of connectedness with our world. These items are not always used as they have an emotional purpose for the owner. Wedding ephemera and baby-related objects can spark moments of reflection that can transport us back in time to when and where this memory took place. Holding on to an excessive amount of SENTIMENTAL objects will take up prized space in our homes. Set yourself some ground rules on what should be kept, especially if these items could add value to others if still in good condition. Schedule some time to curate these objects at least once every six months and filter out the excess. Your rule might be as simple as letting go of one thing every time it is sorted through. Taking a photo is a great way to reclaim the space and still enjoy the feeling this item gives to you when you see it. To Keep or Not To Keep client Shelly had this to say about her SENTIMENTAL items: ‘I have always kept my children’s artwork in labelled boxes. I would write the dates on the back as soon as they came home. For my daughter’s 21st birthday I went through and selected the best ones to photograph and scan to make a photo book. Then I was able to recycle them all and use the space they were taking up for other essential items.’

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