Recreational Objects: An Object Used to Add Enjoyment to Spare Time

What we do in our spare time can be a symbol of our status, identity and our interests. When we partake in something that is ‘recreational’ it is typically after hours when we are not working. Participation in our interests adds quality to our overall life satisfaction and gives us an outlet for competence, entertainment and/or amusement. These may include sports, camping, creative pursuits, exercise and hobbies. The RECREATIONAL items are the objects, equipment or ensembles associated with our chosen leisure activities. These are crucial to the endeavour and are used in conjunction with the activity to enhance the experience. To Keep or Not To Keep supporter Dylan had this to say about his RECREATIONAL objects: ‘As a surfer I have multiple boards and wetsuits to choose from when it comes to catching waves. They are important and valuable so they are always stored in my spare room inside my home. They all add value to my life for my physical health and its always a lot of fun.’

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