Seasonal Objects: An Object That Is Only Used at Certain Times of the Year

We all own objects that are used only at particular times of the year. Our SEASONAL objects are used frequently during the season they are needed, then typically packed away and stored when the season is over. SEASONAL items add great value when being used but can encroach upon valuable space when not in use. Christmas decorations add to the festive spirit in our homes whilst we are celebrating. This is a great example of a lot of items that need to be stored away during the year and brought out once the season had commenced. Activities we engage in such as sports and outdoor pastimes are season dependent. The clothing we own can be reflective of where we live and the time of the year that we wear these items. Curating these assortments of items, at either the start or the end of the season, will assist you in keeping your seasonal belongings balanced. To Keep Or Not To Keep supporter Alanna has this to say about her SEASONAL items: ‘My tree ornaments for Christmas time were growing in number every year. Last Christmas I limited myself to only hang the ones that had special meaning and I donated the rest!’

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