Legacy Objects: An Object That Reflects a Person’s Achievements or Accomplishments

Our LEGACY objects are physical belongings that provide an example of our individual triumphs. These items are tokens we intend to hand down to our next generation. They represent our personal history by way of something we have been recognised for, excelled in, earned or created. Sporting trophies or medals awarded to us for outstanding results in a particular area. Artistic accomplishments in our chosen medium that can be bequeathed to relatives as a memento of our talents. Other examples of our accomplishments throughout our lives can be curated in advance to be passed to their new custodians when the time is deemed appropriate. Ted, a To Keep or Not To Keep supporter, had this to say about his LEGACY items: ‘I wanted to pass down to my son the trophies I had won from my cricket days. I dusted them off and my son chose a select few to keep and the rest we donated to my cricket club to be displayed in their trophy cabinet.’

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