Maybe Objects: An Object That Possibly, Perhaps or One Day Might Be Needed

We all have those items that we tend to hang on to just in case we may need it. I hear all too often from my clients and supporters about items they are ‘saving for a rainy day’. This fixed mindset concept of needing something you don’t have the space for in your home can be overpowering. When you find yourself with an item that evokes the unsure feelings of ‘Perhaps I will need this’, ‘Possibly my family member or friend might use it’ or ‘One day I will use that’, THINK about, is it worth housing this MAYBE object? If this object can be used today start using it! Or donate it to a charity shop where this item can be purchased by someone who will use it! Amy, a To Keep or Not To Keep supporter, had this to say about her MAYBE items: ‘Saving my old clothes just in case they fit me one day feels like a silly notion now I have edited these items from the bottom of my wardrobe. I now am able to store and see all my handbags in this space instead.’

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