Praise for To Keep or Not To Keep

“To Keep or Not To Keep have a holistic, caring, practical and personal service that focuses on the customer, working towards a positive outcome for everyone- they have been invaluable when working with some of our consumers.”

Sarah, People and Place Coordinator Housing Services.

“Amelia has a very sensitive, compassionate and respectful approach to her clients. Let’s face it, there can be a multitude of sins hiding in our clutter! I commend her book and her service to anyone who needs to unburden themselves from clutter or disorganisation.”

Amanda Wood, AMW Business Growth 

 “Watching Amelia work with customers is truly something special. To Keep or Not to Keep assists people to use their personal strengths to manage their belongings, and to sort belongings that reflect identity and importance in their life. The models are broken down into easy to understand and achievable steps that transform the way people live their lives.”

Amelia, People and Places Coordinator.

“Amelia was a perfect fit for my client with significant hoarding and mental health issues. She was able to empower the client to live a more positive and healthy life. Amelia was a strong support for my client to not only help her make the necessary changes but also assisted her to move interstate. She is a friendly, personable and positive person that we were able to easily work with and I would highly recommend her to any of my clients in the future.”

Chloe, Child Social Worker.

“Milli is a true professional and always demonstrated the utmost respect and care towards her clients whilst working in difficult environments.”

Jerrima, People & Places Coordinator

“I had the honour of being the 1st client of To Keep or not to Keep. Amelia was amazing, with her guidance, encouragement and practical approach she helped me sort, collate, keep or donate over 500  books in my library. Highest recommendation of her services.”

Robbie, Client

“Wonderful insight, if you’re a practitioner, concerned that you need to declutter your home or know somebody who does, then I would recommend this book for you.”

Kerry, Program Officer Department Child Protection


“To Keep or Not to Keep (Milli) has been absolutely integral in assisting to facilitate program maintenance, providing a much needed service that benefits both tenant and landlord.”  

Laura, Program Maintenance Officer


“To Keep or not to Keep is a genuine self-help tool that will ensure you get back on track with the best foundation possible with an Inspiring and honest approach.”

Kristie, Library Event Coordinator


“I met Milli when my tenant was referred To Keep, Not to Keep. The property was cluttered and the tenant overwhelmed.  Through Millie’s programme, the Tenant was empowered to take action and create a functional and comfortable home, that worked for them.  Milli’s caring, practical and realistic approach, coupled with her ability to engage and empower others to achieve long term sustainable outcomes was inspiring.”

Liesl, Tenancy Officer


“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Keep or Not to Keep over the last few years.  Our communities throughout South Australia have been in need of this hands on approach to clutter management for many years.  The difference in many of our tenants lives inside and outside of their homes has been truly life changing and empowering.

Keep or Not to Keep also inspires us to think outside of the conventional Western World of consumerism and the phrase “If you put your happiness in temporary things, your happiness will be temporary’ (Nick Vujicic) encapsulates the concept of Keep or Not to Keep.”

Joanne Wilson, Junction Australia

“I worked with Amelia who was engaged to assist with man living with a disability with a reluctant rehousing move after 26 years of living in his home. He had an accumulation of many items that were precious to him and this was an extremely difficult process to move for him. Amelia – ‘Milli’ supported him and was most empathetic to his feelings about his move. She had a system and supported support staff to assist in the sorting – to keep / what not the keep, that was easy to follow. She also assisted with the practical side of sorting items. It was a great outcome with many unused items being donated or discarded thoughtfully. Milli was a pleasure to work with by us all –  support staff and the client. I was so impressed by her understanding of how difficult a process this can be for many people in sorting through possessions and would not hesitate to recommend her as being the right person for the job of what to keep / not keep.”

Julie-Anne Zacharia Registered Nurse.

“When faced with the growing problem of hoarding amongst our tenants,  we needed to work with someone who showed genuine empathy towards the museum of self-collected over a lifetime.  Milli’s personal approach ensured that each person was treated with respect and dignity and was taken on a journey to declutter and take back long lasting change and control,  to their representation of self through belongings.”

Megan, Manager of Development and Asset Strategy

“I have had the privilege of working with Milli through To Keep Or Not To Keep and have found her team approach to holistic outcomes for clients refreshing. She is a delight to work with and her passion for making a difference in people’s lives is inspiring.”

Bev, Tenancy Officer

“Amelia, from To Keep or Not to Keep is a brilliant example of the diversity of businesses within our region. Her education-based approach to tackling the difficult issue of clutter management and hoarding is refreshing. Her ON Small Business Grant application showed that Amelia is invested in her work and in helping people, whilst also maintaining a safe workplace environment for herself. She is committed and focused to pushing her business forward with education sessions and her book, and we are proud to support To Keep or not to Keep.”

Dara Boucher. Membership Engagement and Communications Officer ON Business Partner Program, City of Onkaparinga


“I was introduced to To Keep or Not To Keep through my role as a Tenancy Officer.  Milli’s personable and non-judgemental qualities mean she can quickly establish rapport with tenants when they may be feeling quite vulnerable or challenged.  The holistic support of TKNK introduces clients to new methods and ideas for decluttering and downsizing and can inspire and motivate them to achieve their decluttering goals for their homes.”

Kerry, Tenancy Officer


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