IMG_2250 3Learn how to successfully declutter sustainably and eliminate your excess belongings.

Declutter Workshop Options

 Rightsize Your Life!

  • How to start by identifying your areas of the biggest concern
  • Keep, Sell, Donate, Recycle, Think


Reclaim Your Space!

  • What declutter equipment to use to get time-saving results
  • Find out what to do with your no longer needed objects


 Edit Your Excess!

  • How to make a plan that will work for you and your timeframes
  • Follow a proven set of strategies that will lead to success


You Are Your Memories!

  • Learn about why you are keeping items that you may not need
  • Tips on how and where to discard your excess belongings sustainably


There’s No Place Like Home!

  • Establish positive home routines
  • Future-proofing solutions to maintain a decluttered lifestyle


Donate Before You Decorate!

  • Unlock the power of giving
  • A focus on how our ‘Seasonal Objects’ accumulate through the year


Rightsize Strategies for Downsizing!

  • Learn positive techniques to make your transition less stressful
  • How to make a plan that will work for you and your timeframes


Less clutter in your life increases your wellbeing and life satisfaction. Balanced belongings reduce your housework and give you more mental and physical space. If this is something you need for your community,  book one of my workshops today by contacting me at

Happy Rightsizing!

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