The Rightsizing concept is based on the psychology of motivation using cognitive perspectives. Cognitive theories give us an alternative methodology to motivation through expectancy-value theory, goal-setting theories and self-determination theory. Expectancy value theory reveals that outcomes are determined by how much someone believes they can accomplish something. Following this theory to achieve our goal we must first believe that it is possible. Goal-setting theories offer a cognitive tactic to establish outcomes through social learning, learning through modelling our behaviour patterns from the observation of others. Self-determination theory is a modern suggestion that people have three inherent needs of competence, independence and connection to others. Once these needs are met rather than compromised, one’s intrinsic motivation will be activated. Intrinsic motivation is our natural ability to be driven to undertake something for the satisfaction of the activity.

Peter J. Daniels says in his 1987 book How to be motivated all the time, ‘The best antidote to discouragement is motivation. A person who is both personally and permanently motivated doesn’t give up easily!Rightsizing your belongings requires a high level of commitment and ownership of positive outcomes before, during and after your projects. It is a skill that requires you to act upon your own motivational capabilities. Self-determination will allow you to improve your lifestyle by reducing the items you own by creating clearly thought-out goals. That will empower your overall pledge to the Rightsizing process, thus establishing a high level of motivation to your decided-upon goals and projects. Applying a growth mindset will mean you can spend your energies finding ways to solve problems rather than fixating on the difficulties. Looking toward the future with the knowledge of our past motivates us from within when following a well-thought-out action plan. When we physically act motivated our minds and hearts will follow suit.


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