Essential Objects: A Critical Item That Is a Needed Necessity For Daily Living

An ESSENTIAL item is one that is absolutely necessary and considered extremely important to our daily lives. Essential items contribute to our reality by bringing comfort and practicality. They can range from our basic needs such as clothing to gadgets that assist us with daily living tasks. These vital objects will most definitely be objects to be kept in our homes. However, this is the category where we may find ourselves with an excess amount of essentials, particularly in our kitchen and linen cupboards. When we PICK our ESSENTIAL objects pay close attention to what is really needed. Filter your choices by asking yourself the Rightsize Questions to assist you in this process. To Keep or Not To Keep client Monica had this to say about ESSENTIAL items: ‘I thought this would be easy as everything was essential! Seriously, I didn’t realise how much extra I had hiding in my dining room cupboards. I really only needed one six-piece dinner set and one special set for when the extended family come for Christmas Dinner. The rest I donated to my local charity store.’

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